Galway Centre for Independent Living will provide relevant and meaningful, person-centered services that support the full and equal inclusion of people with disabilities, people with differing abilities, the older persons and all who uses our services in all aspects of society.

About GCIL

Registered Charity Number: 20041120 

CHY Number: 13315

Galway Centre for Independent Living (GCIL) is a not-for-profit organisation which enables us to provide affordable, premium services.

We are in our 28th year and have been a forerunner in providing professional services which facilitate a person’s choice to continue living independently in their own home and participating in society.

There are a range of services available to people, regardless of age or need, who require support to live in their homes and communities.

Our Goals

  • Enabling persons with disabilities, persons with differing abilities, older persons and all who use our services to live meaningful lives within society
  • The empowerment of disabled people, persons with differing abilities, older persons to overcome environmental, educational and social barriers
  • Help people to recognise that a person with a disability, with differing abilities and older persons has equal civil rights as all other citizens
  • The acquisition of funds and resources to further our aims
  • Helping to implement an ongoing permanent personal assistants scheme for all disabled persons
  • To aid with the following:
    • Assisting in the client work situation,
    • Assisting in the client social setting,
    • Assisting the client with personal care,
    • Assisting the client in education/training settings
  • Doing whatever the Leader / client requires to assist them to have better control of their own lives and achieve a quality filled independent future
  • Developing a business that embraces the ethos of Independent Living

Galway Centre for Independent Living is resolute in the knowledge that access to a Personal Assistant Service is the cornerstone to achieving Independent living. At present, we provide Personal Assistant/Home Help Services funded by private individuals and also through funding from the HSE. We also provide Educational Support Workers to the National University of Ireland Galway (NUIG) and to the Galway Technical Institute.

Please Contact Galway Centre for Independent Living for further information.

“Prior to getting a Personal Assistant from Galway Centre for Independent Living I was unable to shop, attend mass or go swimming. The Personal Assistant service Galway Centre for Independent Living provides now enables me to live independently.”

-Josephine Gibbons

Leader with Galway Centre for Independent Living