Directors & Staff

Since 1994 the organisation has had many changes in the composition of the individuals that make up the management structure, initially the sponsor group of the Community Employment Scheme steered the organisation, today the organisation is a Registered Company Limited by Guarantee with all the legal requirement and responsibilities this requires from the individuals named below.


  • CEO - Philip Hendrick
  • Financial Controller - Gordon Skelly
  • Homecare Services Manager  – Bridie Molloy
  • Homecare Services Administrator – Ann Ryan
  • PA \ Care Services Coordinator Assistant - Bernie Duffy & Grazyna Andrzejewska
  • Social Media & Digital Marketing Officer – David Joyce
  • Project / Accounts Administrator - Shauna McCullough
  • CE Scheme Supervisor–  Graham Connor
  • Accounts Administrator – Margaret Whyte
  • Payroll Technician - Mary Bracken


  • Chairperson – Jack Callanan
  • Treasurer – Norman Walsh
  • Secretary – TBC
  • Director – Charlotte May-Simera
  • Director – Colman Collins
  • Director – Elaine Wallace

We would like to acknowledge the contribution of individuals who sadly are no longer with us.

  • Bertie Tozer
  • Tom Walsh
  • Pat Menzies
  • John A. Mitchell
  • Peter Fitzpatrick
  • Ronnie Conlon
  • Teresa Cronin
  • Stan Sjothun
  • Martin Naughton
  • Ronnie Conlon

“I am confident that I can pick up the phone or drop into the office, and the staff at Galway Centre for Independent Living will handle any query I may have. They allow me to manage my own service flexibly, providing support, if I need it, to ensure that I have full control and choice over my Personal Assistant service”

-John Conneely

Leader with Galway Centre for Independent Living