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So how much do you know about Community Employment? By Bernie

Added: Friday, April 13, 2018

So how much do you know about Community Employment?

CE is the life blood of communities up and down the country. Youth projects, crèches, play schools,mediation services,welfare information offices, senior citizen groups, transport services rehab groups,youth football clubs, and any point of community organisation usually involves a C.E. Scheme

The aim of CE is to enhance the employability and mobility of disadvantaged and unemployed persons.

  • People of senior age.
  • People who suffer from addiction, or are otherwise unattractive to the private sector employer.
  • People living with a disability, whether it is intellectually, mentally or physically.
All these people are given the opportunity of purpose, place, and structure and of course the social element of employment work.

C.E. provides people with a productive role and purpose.
Most Community projects across the country would not be able to operate without C.E. Schemes. Themoney  is not there to supply these services whilst employing people full time and there certainly is no motivation from our State to extend the public sphere to adequately fulfil these roles.

How it works
You are paid weekly by your sponsor and you have the full benefit of all statutory employment rights including annual public holidays, maternity/paternity leave, a written Statement of Terms o fEmployment, unfair dismissal and payment of wages act.
  • You keep your medical card while on CE.
  • You do not pay Universal Social Charge
  • An employer contribution to PRSI is paid for you giving you entitlements to State benefits.
“The quality of a Supervisor can be the single most important factor in the success or failure of a Community Employment Project.” (DEASP Sponsor Manual)

The Supervisor meets with each individual to devise an individual learning plan to help achieve the experience, training and development to progress into employment or further education. The DEASP provides funding.

The Sponsor
The Sponsors of the CE schemes are Community minded individuals with a social conscience who work in a voluntary capacity selflessly giving their time for their community’s benefit.

Rates of pay
The individual rate of pay for CE is 220.50 weekly for 19.5 hours .i.e. €11.31 per hour.

Comparison – Per Hour
Security €9.79 - €11.97
Retail €9.55 - €9.70
Admin €9.55 -€10.50

For a comparable 39 hour week CE pays €1.76 per hour more than minimum wage, €68.64 per week or €3,569.28 annually as well as all the other benefits.

Employee reviews

“Great place to mix and build relationships with other likeminded people.”

“I have gained confidence, experience and enjoy all aspects of the job”

“I have access to different courses when they arise i.e. First Aid, Manual handling, and Personal development. All which is very good for me and it prepares me for full time employment.”

“I did enjoy working on this scheme. Was sorry to see it go.”

“Great experience in different areas of administration.

Good interaction with other staff members.”

“I enjoyed working and participating in the community employment scheme. I learned a lot from the scheme, computer skills, communication skills, role playing, there was great comradeship amongst us.
We all helped each other and spurred each other on to attain our set goal.”

So yes indeed, please queue up.